Created Sep 09, 2011

Shelly Schwartlander

retired fedl worker, legal assistant, more

Legal Assistant who is trying to recover from bullying by SSA's Office of Disability Adjudication and Review in San Diego, CA, especially during last years of employment there. A more complete bio is hard to provide as so much effort and thought goes into the effort to try to have justice for harm done to my career and future and to my belief that any social or humanistic efforts will continue to exist within the federal government in light of the abusive treatment SSA allows its management and rogue judges to use to hurt and and discredit the agency's support staff who dare to care more about the public and claimant's seeking benefits from SSA than the image of embattled agency figureheads including regional chiefs and deputy commissioners. .Sometimes I'm so overcome by the incredible farce I learned exists I am rendered speechless. . .


Shows Hardball with Chris Matthews

People Richard Wolffe, Reverend Al Sharpton, Steve Kornacki

Issues Money in Politics, Voting Rights, Election 2016